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Opening Doors to Accessible Documents and Branding

Setting up document and branding accessibility can feel like a never-ending task. Your focus should be on creating high-quality content, not getting lost in technical details.

Instead of:

…struggling with accessibility standards

“Where to begin?” or “Why is this not working…??” or “ARGHHH!!!”

…having compliance concerns?

By 2025, mandatory compliance legislation will revolutionize accessibility standards, ensuring equal access and opportunities for all individuals in a more inclusive society.


I handle the behind-the-scenes work for you?

Seamless implementation without the need for worry.


I handle the behind-the-scenes work for you?

Seamless implementation without the need for worry.

Welcome to the Studio

From brand to finish, every document and slide presentation is a chance to share your ideas, express your vision, and ignite enthusiasm—for all people. Understanding the exceptional significance of accessible materials and effective communication, I collaborate closely with clients to translate your concepts into engaging and inclusive documents that captivate, inform, and motivate.

Whether it’s a report for a presentation, a proposal for stakeholders, a manual for your staff, or educational materials for students, rest assured, we can work together for accessible content designed to reach all audiences.

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Fun little trivia: test your knowledge of document accessibility!

Are you ready to put your knowledge to the test and learn more about creating accessible documents? Here’s a fun little bit of trivia about document accessibility guidelines, best practices, and tools. If you’re just starting to explore the world of inclusive design, this trivia section offers a fun way to deepen your knowledge and awareness. 

What file format is commonly used for creating accessible documents for individuals with disabilities?

PDF (Portable Document Format) is commonly used for creating accessible documents.

What is the purpose of using headings and subheadings in accessible documents?

Headings and subheadings are used to provide structure and organization to accessible documents, making it easier for users and screenreaders to navigate through content.

What is the standard color contrast ratio recommended for text and background in accessible documents?

The standard color contrast ratio recommended for text and background in accessible documents is at least 4.5:1.

Which international standard provides guidelines for creating accessible electronic documents?

The international standard that provides guidelines for creating accessible electronic documents is ISO 32000 (PDF/UA).

Inclusivity in Action: My Journey to Accessibility Design

Welcome! I’m Julie, a document accessibility designer with a personal mission. Growing up with hearing-impaired family members, coupled with raising dyslexic sons and being surrounded by neurodiverse individuals, has shaped my commitment to making documents accessible to all.

Julie has shown herself to be a warm and genuine person that cares about doing the best job possible, on-time and on budget. We have worked on projects such as print design and layout, web development, eLearning, videos and electronic presentations. She immerses herself in each project and seeks to understand the audience, the respective customer and the demands of each project’s timelines and production parameters. We continue to work with Julie, and I would not hesitate to recommend her for virtually any creative design project that requires dedicated creative interpretation coupled with an experienced, steady hand in delivering the best result possible.

Paul Cormier

Founder & CEO, Ycommunicate.com

Julie De Biasio is a talented graphic designer who always strives to exceed her client’s vision, and she’s also an excellent project manager with a keen attention to detail, and an eye for spelling and grammar. She really listens to her clients, always brings the most positive attitude to each interaction, and organizes her plans, materials and drafts to ensure every assignment is executed in the most efficient way, without errors, and that best reflect the goals of the project.

Kelly Pottage

Communications, events and fundraising professional, Royal Victoria Hospital Foundation

Working with Julie to develop our logo was a fantastic experience. She was professional, creative, and patient as we were not entirely sure which direction we wanted to go. We felt that our business was important to her. You can’t go wrong with having Julie design and develop any graphics that you may need. A wonderful experience with a wonderful, customer-focused graphic designer.

Jen Miller

Production Manager, Nathan Creek Honey

I’m ready when you are! Your accessible documents are right around the corner.

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